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Game News

Stonefront is an RP-PvP/PvE guild based in the MMORPG Rift. It is a villiage that was destroyed and one which we are rebuilding to make a new life for not only ourselves but those others that have displaced by the chaos surrounding our world right now. We bring them hope by being their defenders, their offenders, and we live on the values that if we come together and help eachother we can not only defend what is ours but make a stand for what we have, our homes, or families, and our livelyhoods. The villiage is not run by one person but a collection of elders who look to do whats best for our people.
However, and I can't stress this enough, we are an RP guild first. All aspects of the game will revolve around our RP story. There will be things we do OOC in time I'm sure, but for the most part this is an RP Story.  The following is a break down of different RP that can cross through the others as the villiage life progresses.

THE GAURDIAN CORE: (Military based PVP / RP / PVE)
 -Four seperate branches
  - Magi Guild
  - Warrior Guild
  - Assassin Guild
  - Medic Guild

FAETH CORE - Those who work with Mathosian, Dwarven, and Elven refugees to help restore peace and hope back in their hearts. They also are the care-givers of our animal society.

MERCHANT CORE - Those providing excellent service by supplying the finest of revenue found in the world or crafted. They can either be traveling merchants bringing goods from across the world or based in the villiage doing services.

To those who dont follow into these catagories they fall under either villiagers or settlers, this is to give you the oportunity to find exactly what you would like to do RP wise.

If you are interested in joining us please apply to our website by first ensuring an account with guild portal, and next applying. You may log in and speak with an Elder or a Commander if you have any other questions. Thank you.

Guild News

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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